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Capital Improvement Program

Salt Lake City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a multi-year planning program of capital expenditures needed to replace or expand the City’s public infrastructure. Capital improvements involve the construction, purchase or rehabilitation of City’s infrastructure including buildings, parks, streets, sidewalks, bridges, transportation, traffic signals or other physical structures. A capital improvement must have a useful life of five or more years. It also must provide one of the following two elements: has a cost of $50,000 or more and/or satisfies the functionality of a capital asset.

If you are a resident, neighborhood group, community-based organization, or neighborhood business district organization of Salt Lake City and are interested in applying you must complete the Pre-Submittal Application.

Instructions & Requirements

Instructions & Requirements: One (1) Pre-Submittal Application must be completed for each project that is requesting to be funded. Pre-Submittal Applications for fiscal year 2019-20 are closed, any submissions completed will be for fiscal year 2020-21 and will be reviewed fall of 2019.

  • The minimum request amount is $50,000
  • The maximum request amount is $500,000
  • The capital project must have a useful life of 5 or more years
  • The capital project must be a Salt Lake City owned asset
  • Community Outreach or Alternative Public Engagement is required
  • Funds for CIP are allocated annually through a competitive process
  • Completing the Pre-Submittal Application is the first step of the process
  • Funding is decided upon in the fall of each year

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Timeline for Capital Improvement Program (CIP FY2019-20


  • CIP cycle is a year round process
  • Pre-Submittal Applications not received by the notification deadline will be rolled over into the next years CIP cycle
  • If your project doesn’t receive funding you may reapply the following year