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Salt Lake City’s goal is to develop and enhance livable, healthy and sustainable homes.  Creating neighborhoods that are safe, vibrant and beautiful for our residents requires responsible management and careful investment of the city’s resources.

We are committed to offering programs that preserve our housing stock, make home ownership affordable, and eliminate substandard homes from our communities.

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Welcome Home SLC Flyer

Once you have completed your application, save to your computer and then email to:

HOME Income Limits 2020-2021
Effective 07/01/2020
HOME Sales Price:  $378,100

Family SizeExtremely Low Income 30% AMIVery Low Income 50% AMI60% AMILow Income 80% AMI
1$18,450.00 $30,800.00 $36,960.00 $49,250.00
2$21,100.00 $35,200.00 $42,240.00 $56,250.00
3$23,750.00 $39,600.00 $47,520.00 $63,300.00
4 $26,350.00 $43,950.00 $52,740.00 $70,300.00
5$28,500.00 $47,500.00 $57,000.00 $75,950.00
6 $30,600.00 $51,000.00 $61,200.00 $81,550.00
7 $32,700.00 $54,500.00 $65,400.00 $87,200.00
8 $34,800.00 $58,050.00 $69,660.00 $92,800.00

The homes listed below are available for qualified applicants of our “Salt Lake City Welcome Home Program.”

The homes listed for purchase are sold through our Community Land Trust (CLT) Homebuyer program. 
To purchase one of these homes you must submit a Home Buyer Application and be approved to purchase.  Homes are made available to qualified buyers according to family size.
If you are a qualified buyer and would like to see these homes contact Dave Budwit (385) 499-1182 or Cathie Rigby (385) 499-0383 for access.
To see if you qualify for the program see the information below:

Welcome Home SLC Flyer

Salt Lake City Welcome Home Program” Available Homes

941 West 1400 South, Salt Lake City UT, 84104

3 Bedroom 1 Bath Home

Appraisal: $265,000.00
Community Land Trust Price: $220,000

Square footage: 1,041 ft.

Newly updated carpet, roof, swamp cooler, and freshly painted. 67 year old home.

3 bedroom, 1 bath.

Included with the home are: stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

1019 South 1400 West, Salt Lake City Ut, 84104

2 bedroom 2 bath Home

Appraisal: $306,000.00
Community Land Trust Price: $176,500

2 bedroom 2 bath, 10 year old home. New plank flooring and freshly pained

Square Footage: 1,049 ft.

1177 American Beauty Dr Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Appraisal: $308,000
Community Land Trust Price: $212,000

1,183 square feet
3 bedroom 2 bath home

1375 West American Ave. Salt Lake City Ut, 84104

Appraisal: TBD
Community Land Trust Price: TBD

Detailed information to come shortly.

Salt Lake City Neighborhood Map

Homes in any of neighborhoods shown below are eligible for our assistance programs: