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Homeless Resource Center Targeted Residential and Commercial Program

Homeless Resource Center

Targeted Residential & Commercial Program

The Neighborhood Building Improvement Program (NBIP) is one of the resources offered by Salt Lake City’s Division of Housing and Neighborhood Development to support and strengthen the city’s neighborhoods.

The Homeless Resource Center Targeted Residential and Commercial Program is a resource offered by the City to revitalize neighborhoods and commercial areas, enhance the livability of adjacent communities, and support local safety concerns. There are two separate grants for the identified residential and commercial parcels. Residents can receive up to $1,500 and businesses can receive up to $3,000 for general improvements such as exterior lighting, motion sensors, fencing, landscaping, signage, and other qualified items.

The maps below detail the areas of eligibility and identify parcels that can receive funding to improve their buildings.

Grant Target Area 2 PDF

Handbook for Zoomgrants


Applications are available on a rolling basis. Applicants will be evaluated for eligibility for existing HAND programs, such as the Façade Grant Program and the Handyman Program. Apply now.

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