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Human Resources

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Course Description

Human Resources provides ongoing learning opportunities to city employees through our Employee University (EU). EU provides a blended learning opportunity by offering both in-person and online learning for employees’ professional development in the areas of:

  • Desktop Computer Skills
  • Business Strategy & Operations
  • Finance, HR, & Administration
  • Management & Leadership
  • Professional Effectiveness
  • Project Management
  • Environment, Safety, Health & Transportation
  • Legal Compliance

By investing in employees’ development, we promote a learning culture and maintain a skilled workforce to embrace residents’ expectations in our growing city.

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Supervisor Boot Camp


Module & Contents Course Synopsis
Module 1 – City Government 101

  • Welcome, Introduction, & Program Overview
  • City Budget Overview
  • Compensation
  • Safety, Worker’s Comp; Liability Exposures
This module gives you an overview of city’s operation. You’ll learn how budget process works from department to city, and eventually to the Council. Also, you’ll be informed of our compensation philosophy/procedures; and gain a crucial understanding on risk management.
Module 2 – Policy/Procedure Compliance

  • Sustainability
  • Emergency Management
  • Employment Policies, FMLA, EEO, Harassment Prevention, ADA
You’ll learn your roles & responsibilities in helping city achieve its sustainability and emergency management goals.

Many HR policies have been recently updated. Some added, some deleted, and some modified. This module gives you an overview of all employment related policies and procedures that you need to have in your tool box.

Module 3 – Employee Relations

  • Handling Disciplinary Action
This module will provide you with the know-how’s when you are faced with problematic behaviors or performance issues.
Module 4 – Leading an Effective Team

  • Team/Trust Building
  • Being a Coach
  • Leading Change
Trust is arguably the most misunderstood word at work. It’s also the one of the most important.Developing teams that embrace change, have confidence in each other and are engaged in their work starts with team leads that actively focus on ensuing strong relationships with and between their team members.
Module 5 – Excelling as a Supervisor

  • From Buddy to Boss
  • Motivating Employees to be Their Best
This course will examine the difference between being a manager and being a leader. We will look at the foundational elements of fostering competent, confident people who own their performance.These elements include: understanding the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators; system thinking; organic performance feedback; creating a line of sight between employee performance and the City’s mission; and organizational factors that undermine the desired employee performance ownership. We will examine best-practice examples, and develop action plans to apply what we learn.
Module 6 – Effective Communication

  • Dealing with Difficult Conversations
To help you become more effective in changing difficult conversations into regular conversations, emphasis will be on developing and enhancing these communication tools:

  • Listening effectively
  • Asking effective questions and using questions to build solutions
  • Clearly understanding (giving and receiving) performance expectations
  • Tapping into personal sources of power
  • Influencing others when results are critical
  • Saying NO when necessary
  • The learning methodology will include instruction, practical exercises, articles, case studies, and discussion to develop knowledge, skills and abilities that can be used immediately on the job.
Module 7 – Project Management

  • Basic Project Management Skills/Processes
In this module, we’ll first define what a project is, then discuss the 3 keys to project success:

  • Launch with a clear project charter
  • Create a complete Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Engage & Manage Project Stakeholders
Module 8 – Managing a Changing Workforce

  • Engaging a Multi-generational Workforce
A multi-generational workforce is both a challenge and a reality in today’s workplace. For the first time in American history we have four generations in the workplace, with a fifth on the verge of entering the workforce, which often results in difficult challenges. Even so, the diversity of knowledge, skills, and abilities contained within each generation store enormous positive potential for organizations and individual workgroups if tapped properly…but knowledge is the key. In this course we will define the four generations currently in the workforce; discuss their traits, strengths, and influences; and learn how to bridge the so called “Generation Gap”.

IT/Desktop Courses

Accela Ad Hoc Report Writing – This course will introduce Accela users to ad hoc reporting where users can create their own custom reports with Accela data. This course is best for those who currently use Accela and have a basic understanding of its functions.

Data Scientist Work Bench – This course will discuss the role of data science in the government and the skills and tools necessary to do analysis of data stores. Register here.

IBM Cognos Analytics – This course will teach employees how to use IBM Cognos for report authoring. This course is best for those who currently use Cognos and have a basic understanding of its functions. Register here.

Reporting with Microsoft’s Power BI – This course will teach employees how to use Microsoft’s Power BI for creating reports and analyzing work related data. Register here.

Writing for the Web – With the advent of a new website for the City comes the necessity of rewriting most of the content on slcgov. The course is focused on training content providers to shape web content so it is concise, readable and pertinent. This course is best for the City’s web content providers.

General Courses

What is it? What does 10-5-H mean? Come find out in the class.Who should attend? This class is limited to only those who would like to be —

  • more productive
  • more achieving
  • more healthy
  • more cheerful
  • more successful
  • more enjoying life
Who’s teaching it? Stephanie Yau
Register here.

Business Writing – This workshop provides both a quick writing process and a template to help with any kind of work-related writing. The particular focus is on emails, and on professionalism in writing. We will discuss the kinds of documents participants work with, and practice quick drafting to enhance writing efficacy. This course is available to all City employees. Register here.

De-Escalation and Active Shooter Training – This course, brought you by the SLCPD will consist of the following:

1). How to deal with difficult/challenging customers and how to de-escalate a heated conversation during our interactions with our residents.

2). How to prepare to respond to an active shooter situation. All employees can help prevent and prepare for potential active shooter situations. This course provides guidance to individuals, including managers and employees, so that they know what to do in such situation. Register here.

Effective Communication – Communication is like a puzzle. For effective communication, there are few puzzle pieces that are essential. This course will focus on the following key pieces of communication: honesty, intention, listening and messaging. Participants will learn practical skills for spotting genuineand honest communication, keeping focused on what’s important while communicating, developingfour skills to improve listening and how to be clearer with what you want to say. Register here.

GRAMA & Email 101 – The City Recorder offers this informative course. Employees have asked forinformation relative to “how to better manage our records and Emails that will help ease the processassociated with GRAMA requests”; or more specifically, what to keep and what can be deleted. The objective of this course is to review those questions, go over records in general, and share helpful tips including customization of Outlook, setting up rules and organizing folders, and email etiquette. Register here.

Handling Difficult Conversations – Conversations are the free flow of information between two or more people. Difficult conversations occur when the stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions run strong. The first rule of handling difficult conversations is to handle yourself and your own emotions. Participants will learn how to recognize and manage their own emotions, how to increase safety during conversations, how to recognize when our own stories are interfering with communication and how to best prepare for a difficult conversation. Register here.

Job Interview Skills – Learn some best practices for successful interviewing. Be prepared for your next interview by practicing some of the more difficult and commonly used interview questions. This course is open to all City employees. Register here.

Meeting Facilitation – This workshop will be hands-on, including some lecture, lots of exercises and simulations, and opportunities for group discussion. We will cover basic principles to ground your facilitation practice, as well as specific techniques to use in challenging situations. Register here.

Project Management – Coming Soon!

Resume Writing – Learn tips and tricks to enhance your resume format and content. We’ll also discusswhat recruiters are looking for when reviewing resumes. This course is open to all City employees. Register here.

Stress Management – This course includes 4 fun and helpful mini modules that would certainly de-stress your life. This course is open to all City employees. Register here.

Taking Control of Conflict – In this course you’ll identify your “conflict style” and learn how that style impacts your response to conflict. Also, you’ll understand how your body and brain respond to conflict and how these automatic responses impact your ability to respond to conflict. Lastly, you’ll learn theFour Levels of Competence and how we learn and make personal changes in our lives. Register here.