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Leadership Development Programs

Project Management

For those interested in learning Project Management, the EU has a plethora of courses available. There are a number of online courses, with some aligning with PMBOK or PMI standards. There are also some related to Six Sigma. For those who prefer an instructor-led experience, our  Supervisor Boot Camp  provides a 4-hour class on Project Management as well. Many positions within the city work on projects large and small, so increasing your knowledge of project management helps keep you ahead of the curve.


Supervisor Boot Camp

This 32-hour training program is designed to give supervisors a good understanding of the supervisory roles & responsibilities. Participants learn the current city policies and procedures, as well as leadership principles, leading teams, project management, and working with multi-generational workforce. Learning together throughout 8 weeks with counterparts from other departments has proven to be invaluable.


Software/Desktop Development

Ever wished you could get things done a little quicker in Word or Excel? Then, check out the hundreds of software courses we have available online on topics such as Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Project, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Windows. Whereas taking a class on these skills might cost you hundreds of dollars elsewhere, we offer it to you for free as a city employee. On top of that, these courses are broken down into specific topics, so you don’t have to watch a whole course on Excel from start to finish. You can simply watch a short video on the feature you need to know about, when you need to know about it, on demand, 24/7.