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City Connect

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City Connect is SLC’s flagship Digital Equity initiative that activates public WIFI hotspots in community centers throughout the City.

Through a public-private partnership with Comcast, Salt Lake City is able to bring high quality broadband service to students in need via WIFI hotspots called “Lift Zones”. These Lift Zones have been activated in community organizations throughout the City and also provide a safe physical location for students to study. 

9th South Riverpark Jordan River Parkway Trail @ 900 S

Glendale Park 1150 W 1700 S

Riverside Park 1600 W 700 N

Westpointe Park 1920 W Colonel Rd (1100 N)

Laird Park 1800 E Princeton Ave

11th Ave Park 581 Terrace Hills Dr

Fairmont Park 1040 E Sugarmont Dr

Liberty Park 900 S 700 E