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600 East Bike Lanes (200 S to 400 S)

Bike lanes will be added on 4 blocks of 600 East, as illustrated below.

Bike lanes added to 600 East, while keeping travel lanes and parking on all blocks.

Bike lanes will be striped on 600 East (200 S to 600 S) in the fall of 2019, while keeping all travel lanes, and keeping parking on all blocks. Weather permitting, the bike lanes will be striped the week of October 7.

Since bike lanes fit along side parking and travel lanes, this striping addition will affect very few other uses of the street. However, one minor change will be the elimination of three on-street parking spaces, adjacent to the 400 South Ace Hardware’s parking lot.

600 East is one of Salt Lake City’s premier north-south bikeways, using a mostly quiet street with pedestrian and bicycle traffic signals to cross major streets. 600 East is heavily used by bicycle commuters, but also by families accessing Liberty Park and the protected bike lanes downtown.

Why stripe bike lanes?

This 4-block section of 600 East, from 200 South to 600 South, goes through a commercial area just to the east of downtown. As such, this section of 600 East has more traffic than the quiet residential street to the south.

Salt Lake City has chosen to provide a painted bike lane and reduce the speed limit, in order to provide preferred space for bicyclists and a more comfortable riding environment.

Bike lanes help people driving and people bicycling to feel more comfortable around each other, by providing a clear space for bicycle travel. Bicyclists may still leave the bike lane for a variety of reasons, such as to turn or to avoid debris or potholes.

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