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Parley’s Way (2300 E to I-80)

Parley’s Way (2300 E to I-80)

Parley’s Way following completion of the project

This project implemented some recommendations from the Parley’s Way Corridor Plan and followed the City’s Complete Streets Ordinance. Street resurfacing (chip seal) that was completed will help prolong the life of the street. Newly built median islands and enhanced crosswalks at the Wyoming Street & Stringham Avenue intersections improve safety and walkability. Other design changes include right-sizing all four lanes and repurposing the little existing on-street parking in order to paint buffered bike lanes. 

Community input about the street

In spring 2020, Salt Lake City gathered community input in considering options for possible changes to the striping design of this street. We asked for your fresh input, to combine with the past input.

There were changes including right-sizing all four lanes and repurposing the little existing on-street parking in order to paint buffered bike lanes. As we did our technical analysis, we wanted to understand better how the community uses the street, and locations of potential concerns.

Common themes in the survey responses:

  • People like the easy connection to the freeway, that it’s plowed well, that there’s no traffic/it’s easy to drive on, and the center turn lane
  • People don’t like the poor pavement quality, traffic speeds, lack of safe bike lanes and connections to Parley’s Trail, lack of safe crosswalks, that it’s wide and not a visually attractive street, and gutter/drainage issues
  • Regarding safety, 91% feel safe or very safe driving (or are neutral about safety) compared with 58% of people who feel safe walking and only 31% of people who feel safe bicycling
  • People typically don’t feel safe at intersections like 2300 East, Wyoming, Stringham, and Wiltshire, reasons including:
    • cars are driving too fast (speeding)
    • lack of frequent and comfortable crosswalks
    • crosswalks too long, exposed
    • speed differential, especially bikes going uphill

Thank you to everyone who took the survey!

Parley’s Way
Parley’s Way Corridor Plan

The Salt Lake City Streets Division has resurfaced Parley’s Way (chip seal). Buffered bike lanes were added to the roadside. All traffic lanes and turn lanes remain. The eastbound outside or right turn lanes from Lynwood to Wiltshire were also be reconfigured to reduce conflict at and between nearby intersections, and solve some traffic issues that the neighborhood south of the Wiltshire Drive signal had been experiencing. The Engineering Division also installed new median islands, colored crosswalks, and crossing beacons (RRFBs) at Wyoming Street and Stringham Avenue.

These changes reflect the requests, recommendations, and values found in the 2017 Parley’s Way Corridor Plan and the early 2020 community survey results.

What is next?

To be added to the project email list for future input and design updates, please email


Early Spring 2020Project Announcement and community input.
Spring 2020Draft conceptual design available for community input.
3-4 weeks before surface treatmentNotice of final design circulated along with information about what to expect on the 1-3 days when the surface treatment work will affect use of this street.
August 2020Surface treatment and restriping (narrower travel lanes and added buffered bike lanes) by SLC Streets Division.
September-November 2020New medians & crosswalks at Stringham and Wyoming intersections. Project was completed in November 2020.

Funding Our Future

Increased pavement maintenance is one of the projects funded through the Salt Lake City Funding Our Future initiative. 

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