Salt Lake City



Snow Removal Information & Facts

Snow Program Facts

  • 90 employees split into 2 crews on standby, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for snow and ice control
  • Snow Program performs snow and ice control on 1,850 lane miles
  • Approximately 16,000-20,000 tons of salt used per year
  • Snow Fleet consist of 45 large plow and salt spreader trucks
  • Streets performs snow and ice control based on pre-established priority routes
  • Streets continuously works with The State of Utah Department of Transportation to perform snow and ice control on state roads
  • Snow Program performs snow and ice control on 7.78 miles of viaduct sidewalks
  • Snow Program performs snow and ice control for City bike lanes and protected bike lanes
  • The Streets Response Team provides after hour weather and roadway monitoring.  They’re responsible for immediate salting and plowing of high priority areas, i.e. viaducts and hospital routes as snow crews are called out
  • Our program holds itself to a high service level standard of resolving snow and ice events within a 36 hour time period after a snow event

2018-2019 Snow Information

  • 78,002 lane miles of City streets plowed and salted

About Our Snow Crews

The Salt Lake City Snow Crews are dedicated to clearing the streets of snow and ice. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nonstop during a storm or ice event to ensure the safety of the traveling public, to provide access to businesses so that commerce is as uninterrupted as possible, to open emergency routes to hospitals, fire stations, to help school buses arrive on time and safely, to allow access to parking meters, for refuse collection services to be continued, and to allow all of us the freedom to accomplish many other daily activities.

Winter months in Utah bring great opportunities for recreational activities and beautiful vistas. It also brings many challenges and frustrations with snow covered streets, windrows at the end of driveways and shoveling to be done. The snow fighters do their best, but they are asking for your help so they can better serve you.  To see how you can help click here.