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Accessibility (ADA) Resources

Salt Lake City is committed to creating, promoting and maintaining an accessible community. Accessibility enables everyone to attend, participate and benefit. An event is accessible if people can get to it and, once there, are able to participate actively in the program. (The word accessibility is most often associated with wheelchair use, but accessibility actually involves the needs of people who have visual, cognitive, or hearing disabilities, as well as those with activity, manual or mobility impairments.)

The first step is to recognize that access is a civil rights issue. It is also a social issue, and it promotes diversity and inclusion by ensuring that all programs, services and activities are open to all people, regardless of ability.

What is the City Doing?

Some examples include:  Installing curb ramps, repairing sidewalks, enforcing snow removal from sidewalks, providing free parking at city meters for those with a windshield placard or disability license plate, enforcing accessibility during construction, advising on accessible events, eliminating sidewalk obstructions, and providing services to people with disabilities.

What Can You Do?

• Identify needs and problems
• Be alert and concerned
• Report sidewalk obstructions/problems
• Know your neighbors who have disabilities
• Assist where needed
• Work with your community council
• Spread the word about needs and assistance
• Request sidewalk curb ramps