Salt Lake City

Public Lands Division

Cemeteries are Parks, Too!


Unknown to many, city cemeteries are often considered unique and appreciated public parks.  Similar to a traditional public park, these green spaces are developing into desirable places to exercise, bicycle, walk dogs, watch wildlife, and simply reconnect with nature. Historically, cemeteries and city parks were not distinguished for different purposes. In fact, in the mid-1800’s cemeteries were often the only manicured green spaces in urban areas, so they were commonly used for the same activities as public parks. However, as urban parks became more popular is US cities, the use of cemeteries as recreational spaces became less desirable. Luckily, this trend is changing as the value of green infrastructure in our local cemeteries is re-kindled in urban communities. To quote Mark Smith, the Cemetery Sexton again, cemeteries are for the living and should be valued as more than a place to perform burials because they are the hidden gems of nature, wildlife and serenity in our City.

Salt Lake City’s Cemetery is located between “N” and “U” streets and 4th and 11th Avenue, it contains 122 acres with 9 ½ miles of roads. This park is the perfect place for visitors to meander through some of the most interesting representations of Salt Lake City’s history while enjoying nature and participating in favorite recreation activities.

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