Salt Lake City

Public Lands Division

Fertilizing the Regional Athletic Complex

The Regional Athletic Complex (RAC) recently began using a fertilization product called Agri-Inject. The fertilizer is distributed to the sports fields through the RAC’s regular irrigation system during normal watering times. Agri-Inject distributes fertilizer by connecting an injection valve to the irrigation system then a liquid mix of fertilizers is dispersed evenly throughout the irrigated areas.

How will the new fertilization system benefit the RAC?

  • Precision: Fertilizer is applied through precise measurements and timing. This reduces product waste and ensures maximum turf health throughout the season.
  • Effectiveness: Many fertilizers are more effective when applied with water or through an irrigation system.
  • Ease of Use: Through Agri-Inject the fertilization schedule is automated which allows staff members to focus on other maintenance needs throughout the complex.
  • Sustainability: The system allows for reduced use of chemical fertilizers minimizing the environmental impact of fertilizing the RAC’s 16 fields.
  • Safety: Human exposure to fertilizer is minimized and the likelihood of over-application or spills is reduced.

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