Salt Lake City

Public Lands Division

Fishbowl: New Warehouse Inventory Software

Salt Lake City Parks & Public Lands recently implemented a warehousing software tool called Fishbowl. Over the past few months the software has been integrated into the daily inventory procedures. Fishbowl increases our capability to track the cost of supplies, creates an efficient system with fewer accounting errors, and ensures more accurate tracking of fiscal budgets. The inventory software allows warehouse staff to track, intake and distribute equipment, tools and materials more efficiently. Through the simple act of scanning an employee badge, staff members can now ensure supplies are billed to the appropriate maintenance accounts. Additionally, through use of the software, the warehouse is organized into easy to find categories reducing the potential to over or under stock inventory. Managers can create monthly reports to track and record purchases. The software will increase accountability and transparency which will help identify areas that need to be improved in the overall distribution practices of the Parks & Public Lands Warehouse.

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