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Popperton Park Trails Project

Project Summary

The Popperton Park trails project is located in the Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City. The Popperton Park trails are divided into three zones: West Popperton (foot-traffic only trails), East Popperton (bike trails), and South Popperton (a walking trail and a beginner mountain biking loop).


  • West Popperton Hiking Loops: Two walking/hiking/running loops meander through grassy hillside open space. This trail will connect with sidewalks on Virginia Street and Popperton Way.
  • East Popperton biking trails (Hop on Pop, Big Pop, and Lil Pop): Descending-direction, bike-only trails to provide fun and skill-building for beginner and intermediate riders. Short length encourages looping for practice.
  • South Popperton Walking Trail: A current community social trail to be upgraded for strolls and outdoor appreciation. For safety and trail sustainability, this trail will be closed to bikers.
  • South Pop Bike Loop: A ¼ mile bike loop for fun and skill-building for beginner riders and children.

Project Maps


This RFP was awarded to Creative Trails, based in Park City, UT.


  • City issued Notice To Proceed on June 10, 2020. 
  • Construction of West Popperton Hiking Loops commenced on June 15, 2020 and was completed on July 6, 2020. 
  • All Popperton Park trails were completed and open in December 2020.