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Jordan River Parkway Improvements

Project Summary

Location: 900 South River Park
Design Consultants: TBD
Contractor: TBD
Funding: Community Development Block Grant
Project Manager: Tyler Murdock –

The Jordan River Parkway Improvement project will implement a series of landscaping and park amenity improvements along the Jordan River corridor to improve aesthetic condition and increase recreational activity along the Jordan River Parkway Trail. The project encompasses the Jordan River Parkway (Parkway) from Genesee Avenue to 700 South and has two distinct focus areas; 900 South River Park/Genesee Ave and Goshen. Goshen is the section of the parkway from Indiana Ave/800 South to 700 South. The overall project goal is to establish attractive cohesive access points to the Parkway and draw the community to the natural and recreational amenities of the Jordan River corridor. Specific improvements in these areas may include, 1) Landscaping: installation of new irrigation system, tree and shrub plantings and fencing to delineate the public and private property boundaries, 2) Trail Improvements: Pavement and trail repair to improve neighborhood connections, benches and bike rack installation, informational and wayfinding signage, 3) U12 Soccer field, Children’s nature playground area, Shade Structure and picnic area.



Project Schedule

Fall 2018: Design Concept Production
Winter 2018: Construction Design
Spring 2019: Anticipated Construction

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