Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Liberty Park Artesian Fountain Closure

Two naturally flowing artesian water sources are located within SLC Public Lands’ properties. One at Artesian Well Park (808 S 500 E) and the other at a drinking fountain in the south east corner of Liberty Park (near 1300 S 700 E). Recent tests at the Liberty Park fountain have shown the presence of coliform in the water. Out of an abundance of caution, the Liberty Park fountain has been shut off while SLC Public Lands performs disinfection and maintenance. As public health is a priority, the Liberty Park fountain will remain closed until the coliform contamination is no longer detected. It should be noted that these artesian water sources are not part of Salt Lake City Public Utilities’ water system and the presence of coliform in these sources does not pose a threat to the City’s drinking water.

Thank you for your patience as we get this issue resolved. If you regularly gather water at the Liberty Park fountain, we encourage you to use the source at Artesian Well Park as a temporary alternative. For questions, please visit the SLC Public Lands’ Liberty Park webpage or call 801.535.7800.

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