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About Love Your Block

Love Your Block (LYB) is a grant program from the SLC mayor’s office and Public Lands Department with the aim of funding community-led projects to combat blight in the neighborhoods surrounding our Jordan River.

This program is made possible by support from Johns Hopkins Cities of Service.

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When I first moved to Utah, I felt like an outsider. Going to the west side every day made me feel at home. I saw people who looked like me and talked like me. When I saw the impact the Love Your Block Program could make in this community I knew I had to do it. The west side has given me nothing but happiness, that is why I do this work because I want to repay them for making me feel like I belong. I remember my family came to visit me in Utah and we went to walk around the Jordan River with our dogs and my parents kept saying I should buy a house around here because it looks like our community back home. I love that I have found a piece of my culture in Utah.

~Darely Flores

Everyone deserves the opportunity to help choose how their neighborhood works, and being able to help west siders continue building their community through LYB with money for their projects both motivates and excites me!

~Ravi Sharma

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