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Miami Park Receives New Community Designed Playground

Salt Lake City’s Westpointe neighborhood has a new place for children to play. On Thursday July 28th, a brand new community-and-kid-designed playground was installed at Miami Park (1571 N Miami Rd). The playground installation was completed over the course of a two day build period that brought more than 100 volunteers together from Salt Lake City, Pure Storage Inc.’s Pure Good Foundation, and national nonprofit KABOOM!

In May 2022, a design day event brought community members, including kids, together to present their ideas for what features they’d like to see in the new playground. The final playground design was inspired by these ideas and a commitment to ensuring a place for kids and their families to get outside and build community bonds. 

“Just as important as math, language, science, and history are to children’s development is the ability to safely play outdoors,” said Beth Michel, Pure Good Foundation spokesperson. “There’s a freedom and opportunity to creatively use imagination on a playground that can’t be replicated in any other way or place for a child.  Play, creativity, and innovation are key components to our company’s success so of course we look to inspire that externally as well. This is our fourth playground build with KABOOM! and we are so pleased to have brought it this year to Salt Lake City since one of our largest U.S.-based offices is in Lehi, UT. Inspiring more children to play outdoors, think outside of the box, and have a safe place to be themselves all while giving back to the community that so many of our employees call home- what a wonderful opportunity!”

“Playgrounds are an iconic part of childhood. They’re not only where kids collect some of their best memories, but also where crucial skills are developed that nurture their physical, mental, and emotional well-being,” said Lysa Ratliff, CEO of KABOOM!. “KABOOM! is thrilled to work with our partners to bring to life the new play space at Miami Park and ensure that kids in Salt Lake City have a place designed just for them, where they can play, learn, and unlock their greatest potential.”

Salt Lake City Public Lands is thrilled to have this new playground in the Westpointe neighborhood and is excited for community members to engage with the space.

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