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Seven Canyons Fountain

Due to health and safety concerns the Seven Canyons Fountain will not be opening this summer.
Seven Canyons Fountain is 24 years old and in urgent need of updating in order to meet current Health Department safety standards to keep the fountain operational and open to the public.

Through the help of donors Salt Lake City has invested in new pumps, filters and a new sanitation controller for the fountain. However, it was found that further improvements, listed below, are necessary to meet safety code requirements:
Ultraviolet sanitation system to remove water-borne pathogens
The area of the fountain where kids and infants play needs to be raised to eliminate the drowning hazard
Fountain edges need resurfacing to prevent mud and organic matter from entering the water and clogging the pumps and sanitation system

The City recognizes that this fountain is a beloved place to gather and there will be many who are disappointed by this action. Fortunately, Liberty Park provides the community with two recreational water features – the Liberty Park pool and the splash pad located at the children’s playground approximately 300 feet north of the fountain.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated as we determine the best course of action moving forward.