Salt Lake City

Public Lands

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Athletic Field Prices

Recreational/Hourly Use:
Tier B – $20 per hour per field
Tier C – $15 per hour per field

Organized League Use per Hour per Field Weekday
Tier C Field
Tier B Field
Tier C Field
Tier B Field
Full Day
Youth Resident, Non-Profit*  $5  $8  $8  $10
Adult Resident, Non-Profit*  $8  $12  $12  $15
 Youth Resident, For Profit  $8  $12  $12  $15
 Adult Resident, For Profit  $12  $15  $15  $20
Youth Non-Resident, Non-Profit*  $10  $15  $15  $20
Adult Non-Resident, Non-Profit*  $15  $20  $20  $25
Youth Non-Resident, For Profit  $15  $20  $20  $25
Adult Non-Resident, For Profit  $20  $25  $25  $30
Tournaments With Season Reservation $108
Tournaments Without Season Reservation $215
Cleaning Fees (if fields not left clean) $40/hour

* Must turn in proof of non-profit status

Field Tier Types

Tier A – Regional Athletic Complex Field
Tier B – Standard Field
Tier C – Non-Standard Field

Tier B Fields

11th Ave. Soccer East, 11th Ave. Soccer West, 11th Ave. Cricket; 17th S. River Multi-Use East, 17th S. River Multi-Use Middle, 17th S. River Multi-Use West; Fairmont Soccer Middle, Fairmont Soccer West; Herman Franks Babe Ruth, Herman Franks NW Baseball, Herman Franks SW Baseball; Jordan Park Multi-Use North; Lindsey Gardens Softball North, Lindsey Gardens Softball Middle, Lindsey Gardens Lower Baseball; Oak Hills Baseball North, Oak Hills Baseball South; Poplar Grove Baseball; Popperton Multi-Use West; Riverside Softball East, Riverside Baseball East, Riverside Baseball West, Riverside Soccer West, Riverside Multi-Use Middle, Riverside Multi-Use East; Rosewood Multi-use East, Rosewood Multi-use West, Rosewood Babe Ruth; Sherwood Babe Ruth NE, Sherwood Babe Ruth West; Sunnyside Baseball South, Sunnyside Soccer West, Sunnyside Multi-Use Middle, Sunnyside Multi-Use North; Westpointe Soccer North, Westpointe Soccer South

Tier C Fields

17th S. River Multi-Use North; Cottonwood Cricket; Curtis Soccer; Donner Multi-Use; Ensign Softball/Soccer; Fairmont Soccer East; Kay Rees Multi-Use; Laird Multi-Use; Meadows Multi-Use; Popperton Multi-Use East; Riverside Softball West; Rotary Glen Multi-Use; Sherwood Prep SE; Stratford Soccer; Sunnyside Multi-Use East, Sunnyside Baseball North; Warm Springs Multi-Use; Westpointe Baseball, Westpointe Softball