Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Salt Lake City Parks Wedding Policy

Wedding/Ceremony Reservations and Permits

For a permit to be considered, applications must be submitted 30 days in advance.

Salt Lake City parks provide a pleasant background for weddings and other formal ceremonies. In order to ensure that a specific site will be available for such a purpose on a specific day, the Parks Division requires that a ceremony permit be obtained, and all conditions of the permit be followed.

Areas Available for Ceremonies

Applications for ceremony permits can be accepted by the Parks Division for any City park except Memory Grove Park. Due to limited parking at Memory Grove Park and other scheduled events at the Memorial House (which is managed by the Heritage Foundation), the Parks Division cannot accept applications for ceremonies at Memory Grove Park.

Groups interested in reserving the Memorial House at Memory Grove Park for a wedding, ceremony, or another event should contact Preservation Utah directly at (801) 521-7969. Basic information can be found at the Memorial House website located here.

Ceremony Permit Required

A ceremony permit is required to reserve a site at which to hold a wedding or other formal ceremony. This permit allows the holder to schedule a ceremony without conflict with other permitted activities or events. A ceremony permit does not, however, allow the holder to close public access to any area of the park during a ceremony.

Ceremony Permit Fees

The fee for holding a wedding ceremony at a Salt Lake City park is $205.00 per day. Pavilions can be reserved for receptions at the additional charge of $55.00 for SLC residents and $66.00 for non-residents. Pavilion fees at Washington Park are $103.00 for residents and $137.00 for non-residents.

Conditions of Ceremony Permit

  • Length of Ceremony – Ceremony permits in gardens are limited to 2 hours, including set up and take down. Park shelter and picnic areas may be reserved for ceremonies and receptions. Salt Lake City Parks request no more than 75 people total to attend a wedding ceremony within any of the garden areas. Pavilions are available for receptions.
  • Receptions – Receptions will only be allowed at park pavilions. No receptions may be held in City gardens.
  • Chairs – Chairs must be provided by the wedding party. The Parks Division will not provide nor set up chairs for a wedding ceremony or reception. All chairs must be hand carried to and from the ceremony or reception site. Vehicles are not allowed on the grass or other landscape areas to deliver chairs. No more than 50 chairs will be allowed within the Peace Gardens at Jordan Park.
  • Tents/Canopies – Permit holders must coordinate the location of any tents with the Parks Division. Tents must be open without panels and may not exceed 10 x 12 feet in size. Tent stakes cannot be longer than 6 inches.
  • Access – City parks are always open to the public, regardless of any permits held for special events, including weddings. A ceremony permit does not allow the holder to rope off or in any way restrict public access to any part of the City park or garden.
  • Alcohol – NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in any Salt Lake City Park.
  • Parking – The Parks Division cannot guarantee that parking will be available for your ceremony. Parking is available at most sites but cannot be reserved. Vehicles are subject to all parking rules. Ticketing will commence for improperly parked vehicles, regardless of the possession of a ceremony permit.
  • Trees – Do not nail anything to a tree. Decorations may be tied to trees if desired but must be removed at the end of the ceremony.
  • Confetti – Do not litter or endanger the welfare of animals and birds by throwing confetti, rice, or birdseed. Flower petals may be thrown as an alternative.
  • Trash – Permit holders are responsible for gathering and removing their own trash and decorations, and for leaving the area clean at the end of the event.
  • Sound – Amplified sound may be allowed in City parks under certain circumstances. Contact Salt Lake City Parks for approval (801)972- 7841.
  • Rehearsals – Rehearsals may be conducted at the reserved site at the permit holder’s convenience. However, to ensure that a ceremony has not been scheduled at the same time, permit holders should check with the Parks Division before any rehearsal is scheduled or conducted.
  • Additional Services – The Parks Division cannot provide wedding planning services, make special arrangements within the park for a wedding ceremony (i.e., providing/moving existing picnic benches or tables, chairs, backdrops or flowers), or conduct any alterations or extra maintenance to existing landscaping.

Procedure for Applying for a Ceremony Permit and Reserving a Site

  • Ceremony Permit/Reservation Request Forms – Ceremony Permit Applications and Reservation Request forms may be obtained from the Parks & Public Lands Division of Salt Lake City’s Department of Public Services. The Division’s Administrative Offices are located at 1965 West 500 South, Salt Lake City 84104. Forms are also available from the Parks Division, by phone request at (801) 972-7841, or at the city’s website located here.
  • Reservations- The Parks Division accepts applications for ceremony permits up to 1 year in advance of the event. Caution- reservation fees are not refundable. This includes inclement weather.
  • Payments- Reservation fees may be paid when the application is submitted but must be paid at least 15 days in advance of the ceremony. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in the reservation being cancelled. If a ceremony permit is applied for within 15 days of the event, the payment must accompany the application. A ceremony permit will be issued upon payment. We accept all types of payments. Payments may be made in person at the SLC Parks Division, 1965 West 500 South or by phone at 972-7841.
  • Special Requests- If the ceremony application requires additional services, facilities, or equipment than normally provided, the Parks Division may need extra time before approving the permit. Payment will not be required before the event is approved. In some cases, a special events permit may be required.