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Accessory Structures and Detached Garages in Side Yards

Example of an accessory structure that is located partially within the interior side yard

An accessory structure is a subordinate –often smaller—building located on the same property with the main building and occupied by or devoted to an accessory use. Typically, an accessory structure is a garage that is separate from the primary home. Where this type of structure is located on the property is determined by Salt Lake City’s Zoning Ordinance.

A request from a property owner seeks to amend the Zoning Ordinance to allow accessory buildings (like garages) to be located partially within the interior side yard of a residential property. Currently, regulations require that accessory structures be located fully behind the primary structure on the property. This petition was submitted by a property owner in the SR-1A – Special Development Pattern Residential zoning district.  While the owner’s subject property is located within the SR-1A zoning district, Planning Staff is also analyzing and evaluating the potential impacts of the requested change in relation to residential zoning districts city-wide.

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