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Off-Street Parking Ordinance Updates

PROJECT SCOPE: Update the City’s regulations for off-street parking and loading areas, including:

  • Minimum and maximum number of parking stalls required/allowed
  • Permitted alternatives to off-street parking requirements
  • Parking lot design, access, and dimensional standards

PURPOSE: The proposed updates seek to accomplish the following:

  • Align with the goals of Plan Salt Lake and the various neighborhood master plans
  • Encourage infill development and redevelopment
  • Simplify to be more user-friendly and easier to implement
  • Modernize to reflect best practices and current market trends for parking
  • Reconsider the current “one-size fits all” approach in favor of “context based” parking

The project does not include updates or changes to on-street parking

The new ordinance seeks to utilize parking “contexts” to implement the standards in a customized way that better reflects the unique neighborhoods of Salt Lake City.

Select a context for more detailed information about the proposed changes:

(e.g. Downtown, Gateway, North Temple & 400 South corridors, Central 9th)

• Highest density development
• Adjacent to mass-transit facilities
• Lowest parking demand

(e.g. Sugar House, Marmalade, Downtown Adjacent, Guadalupe)

• Higher density, pedestrian-scale development
• Increased development/mobility options
• Low/moderate parking demand

(e.g. 9th & 9th, 1100 E Commercial Corridor, Foothill Village, 9th S & 900 W)

• Small/moderate-scale activity nodes
• Pedestrian-scale development and amenities
• Usually not well served by transit
• Most varied parking needs

(e.g. Redwood Rd., South State Street, Single-family Neighborhoods, Industrial Areas)

• Applies in all areas not defined in other contexts
• More auto-dependent and/or suburban in scale
• Fewest mass-transit options available
• Highest parking demand

Share Your Feedback – Public Open House :

  • June 20
    Salt Lake Main Library
    400 S. 210 E. // Lower Urban Room // 11 AM-Noon or 6-7 PM
  • June 25
    Glendale Library
    1375 S. Concord Street // 11 AM-Noon
    Partners in the Park
    Westpointe Park // 1920 W 1100 // 6-7:30 PM
  • July 2
    Fire Station 3- Sugar House
    2425 S 900 E // 11 AM-Noon or 6-7 PM

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