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Pending Zoning Amendments


The Planning Division is currently processing the following zoning amendments that may impact some development projects. Please review the list and contact the staff member associated with each zoning amendment to learn more about the changes, the timing, and potential impact to your property and/or project. 

The list will be updated at least once per month. 

Download // Pending Zoning Amendments.

Pending City Council Action

Appeals of Historic Landmark Commission Decisions

Removes the option of an applicant to choose the mayor as the hearing officer for appeals of decisions made by the Historic Landmark Commission. This change is due to a change in state code.

The Council could take action as soon as March 24, 2020.

Staff Contact: Amy Thompson // or 801-535-7281

Congregate Care Text Amendments

Changes the regulations for some specialty housing types of land uses, including group homes, eleemosynary uses, assisted living, congregate care, and other similar types of uses. 

Status: The City Council has held briefings and public hearings on the proposal. The Council has asked the Planning Division to address occupancy limits and impacts for those uses. The Planning Division is preparing a response to the council request.

Staff Contact: Katia Pace // or 801-535-6354

Design Standards added to the Sugar House Business Zoning District

Adds design standards to the CSHBD zoning district.  The Council could take action as soon as March 24, 2020.

Staff Contact: Daniel Echeverria // or 801-535-7165

Early Engagement Ordinance

Some projects require early engagement with the community.  This section may impact the timing of your project and add additional steps.  The Council could take action as soon as March 24, 2020.

Types of applications that may be impacted:

  • Alley or street vacation or closure
  • Conditional use
  • Design review when required to be reviewed by the Planning Commission
  • Demolition of any landmark site or contributing structure in a local historic district
  • Master plan amendments
  • New construction within a local historic district (except single family and two family dwellings)
  • Planned development
  • Zoning amendments (Map and Text)

Staff Contact: John Anderson // or 801-535-

Medicinal Cannabis Land Use Regulations

Adds definitions of medicinal cannabis land uses and identifies where in the city the uses will be allowed. This proposal is required by state code.

The Council could take action as soon as March 24, 2020.

Staff Contact: Lex Traughber // or 801-535-6184

Single Room Occupancy

Changes the definition, adds requirements, and expands where this type of land use may be located within the City. 

Status: The City Council has held briefings and public hearings on the proposal and has requested follow up information from the Planning Division regarding how the proposal could be more equitable and further expand where in the city SROs can be located. The Planning Division is preparing a response to that request.

Staff Contact: Wayne Mills // or 801-535-7282

In process of being sent from the Planning Commission to the City Council

Changes to the RMF-30 Zoning District

Modifications to the RMF-30 zoning district include changes to density requirements, bulk and mass standards, allows more housing types in the zone, and adds design standards.

Learn More // RMF 30: Low-Density Multi-Family Residential

Staff Contact: Mayara Lima // or 801-535-7932

Fleet Block Zoning Amendment

Creates a new form based zoning district for the city owned block located between 300 – 400 West and 800 – 900 South. The rezone includes one privately owned parcel on the block. 

Learn More // Proposed changes and recommendation from the Planning Commission

Learn More // Fleet Block Zoning Amendment

Staff Contact: Daniel Echeverria // or 801-535-7165

Parking Requirement Amendments

Updates to the off street parking requirements including basing parking requirements on transit access, neighborhood context in terms of walkability, and proximity to cycling infrastructure. Changes are city wide. 

Learn More // Off-Street Parking Ordinance Update.

Staff Contact: Eric Daems // or 801-535-7236

Pending Planning Commission Action

Construction Impact Amendments

Changes are intended to help local businesses with issues created by large, nearby construction projects.  It allows temporary changes to sign regulations and allows properties to become temporarily noncomplying due to construction activities.

Staff Contact: John Anderson // or 801-535-7214

Fire Code Amendments

This proposal provides alternatives to the proximity to building requirement of the International Fire Code found in Appendix D section 503.1. 

Learn More // Fire Code Amendments

Staff Contact: Nick Norris // or 801-535-7700

Historic Overlay Zoning District Amendments

Moves the H Historic Preservation Overlay to its own chapter in the zoning ordinance. It maintains all of the authority that currently exists within the chapter but does include some minor changes to some regulations.

The purpose of this proposal is to make the overlay more user friendly.

Staff Contact: Amy Thompson // or 801-535-7281

Proposals in the Engagement and Drafting Stages

The following proposals are in the early stages of being drafted and may have started the public engagement stages.

Adaptive Reuse Ordinance

Learn More // Adaptive Reuse Ordinance

Staff Contact: David Gellner // or 801-535-6107

Affordable Housing Overlay

Staff Contact: Sara Javoronok // or 801-535-7625

Child Daycare Text Amendment

Learn More // Child Daycare Text Amendment

Staff Contact: Linda Mitchell // or 801-535-7751

Historic Preservation Overlay Reorganization

Staff Contact: Amy Thompson // or 801-535-7281

Outdoor Dining Design Guidelines

Staff Contact: Laura Bandara // or 801-535-6188

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