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Zoning Interpretations

Administrative Interpretations and Determinations of Non-Conforming Use

Administrative Interpretations are issued by the Zoning Administrator by submitting an application.  An appeal of an Administrative Interpretation may be made to the Appeals Hearing Officer by submitting an Appeal application within ten (10) days of the decision.

Administrative Interpretations and Determinations of Non-Conforming Use are valid only for the specific property identified in the application. There is no value or precedent established beyond that specific property.

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2019 Interpretations

Date Staff Reports Record of Decision
March 27, 2019 520 N H Street Administrative Interpretation for Legal Lot  
March 20, 2019 Cloud Kitchens (Not Site Specific) Administrative Interpretation for Commercial Food Preparation   

February 21, 2019 

365 Quince Street Determination of Nonconforming Use  
February 21, 2019 8328 and 8750 W North Temple Solar Array Location  
January 8, 2019 403 N Oakley Street Administrative Interpretation for Subdivision  
January 25, 2019 308 W 300 S Administrative Interpretation for a retail service establishment  
January 14, 2019 615 N Catherine Circle Determination to Construct a New Single-Family Dwelling  
January 11, 2019 119 N L Street Administrative Interpretation for a Legal Noncomplying Lot  
January 11, 2019 1038 N East Capitol Boulevard Determination for Subdivision Amendment

2018 Zoning Interpretations Records