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Zoning Interpretations

Administrative Interpretations and Determinations of Non-Conforming Use

Administrative Interpretations are issued by the Zoning Administrator by submitting an application.  An appeal of an Administrative Interpretation may be made to the Appeals Hearing Officer by submitting an Appeal application within ten (10) days of the decision.

Administrative Interpretations and Determinations of Non-Conforming Use are valid only for the specific property identified in the application. There is no value or precedent established beyond that specific property.

*Please use the Citizen Access Portal for records not shown below.

2018 Interpretations

Date Staff Reports Record of Decision
December 3 675 E Second Avenue Administrative Interpretation for Legal Complying Lot
November 19 331 S Vincent Court Administrative Interpretation for Contributing Status
October 31 734 East 200 South Administrative Interpretation for Office Use
October 22 2845 S 1100 E Administrative Interpretation for Single-Family Dwelling
September 26 620 N John Glenn Road Administrative Interpretation for a Medical Research, Development, Manufacturing and Clinical Trails Business
September 21 931 W Euclid Avenue Determination of Nonconforming Use
September 19 2410 S Lake Street Administrative Interpretation for a Legal Complying Lot
September 17 1136 E Gilmer Drive Administrative Interpretation for a Permitted Home Occupation
September 4 1383 E 2100 South Administrative Interpretation for Window Signs/Display Windows
September 4 1630 E Yalecrest Avenue Administrative Interpretation for Lot Line Designation and Setbacks
August 28 935 E 800 South Amended Determination of Nonconforming Use
August 17 169 E 200 South Administrative Interpretation for Refuse Enclosure and Dumpster in a Park Strip
August 14 208 W 900 South Administrative Interpretation for Setbacks and Step Backs
August 9 935 E 800 South Determination of Nonconforming Use
July 30 1876 W Fortune Road Rail Transfer Facility – Thatcher Chemical
June 20 1082 W 200 South Administrative Interpretation for Agricultural Use
June 15 1826 S Redwood Road Counter Top Sales and Installation Use
May 25 45 E 1700 South Administrative Interpretation Regarding Multi-Family Use
May 15 1935 S Scenic Drive  Legal Complying Lot
May 14 49 and 51 S Jeremy Street  Determination of Nonconforming Use
April 17 805 S 800 W  Legal Complying Lot
April 4 371 N A Street  Legal Noncomplying Lot
March 16 1630 S 5700 W  Firearm repair
March 5 1676 E 1300 S and 2040 S 2300 E  Antenna height
February 16 770 S Denver Street  Administrative Interpretation Regarding Multi-Family Use
February 13 1029 S 800 W  Administrative Interpretation regarding legal noncomplying lot