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E-Waste and Household Hazardous Waste Events

2018 Electronic Waste Collection Events

electronic waste and pharmaceuticals

Salt Lake City is putting on summer collection events! Click here (PDF) for acceptable item list for electronics.**  Unused & expired pharmaceuticals will also be collected.


All events run from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

May 12, 2018: Smith’s @ 455 South 500 East

June 9, 2018: Smith’s @ 1174 West 600 N

July 14, 2018: Smith’s @ 876 East 800 South

August 11, 2018: Smith’s @ 455 South 500 East


While these events are seasonal, year round waste disposal services are available at the landfill and other facilities.

**Fluorescent tubes and CFL’s are not accepted at these events. Please see the list of drop-off locations here (including at the Salt Lake County Building, 2nd Floor Information Desk – 451 S. State Street)

**Large kitchen appliances and refrigerators are not accepted at collection events. They may be taken to the landfill for proper recycling.


household hazardous waste banner

 2018 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events

Salt Lake County is hosting additional events for Household Hazardous Waste disposal. (Click here for all Salt Lake County events.)

Those located in Salt Lake City include:

May 3, 2018: 7 – 10 am: Sugar House Park @ 1500 East 2100 South

May 31, 2018: 7 – 10 am: Sugar House Park @ 1500 East 2100 South

June 28, 2018: 7 – 10 am: Sugar House Park @ 1500 East 2100 South

  • Household hazardous waste (HHW) is anything in or around your home that is poisonous, flammable, corrosive, or toxic, as well as products (such as electronics) that contain certain materials like metals.

    This includes:

    • Fuels
    • Paint
    • Pesticides
    • Yard care chemicals
    • Many cleaning supplies
    • Batteries
    • Cooking oil
    • Automotive fluids and products
    • Aerosols
    • Fluorescent light bulbs
    • Devices that contain mercury
    • Televisions/monitors
    • Computers and peripherals
    • Cell phones

It is dangerous to dispose of these items in your garbage can or down sewers, and it is illegal to abandon them or pour them in gutters, storm drains, or waterways . Storing or disposing of these items improperly poisons our land, air, and water and may result in both civil and criminal penalties.

Please note that Salt Lake County HHW facilities cannot accept radioactive materials or explosives (such as ammunition and fireworks). Contact your local fire department to dispose of such items.

Household Hazardous Waste Program



CHaRM Special Events

In addition, the Utah Recycling Alliance organizes special events called CHaRM (Collection of Hard to Recycle Materials) events. Learn more about the waste you can take to these events to get recycled by visiting their website.

Upcoming CHaRMs:

June 30, 2018, 9 am – 1 pm

August 25, 9 am – 1 pm

Location: Salt Lake County Government Center (2001 S. State St, Salt Lake City)