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600 East Neighborhood Byway

600 East neighborhood byway sign

600 East Neighborhood Byway

Project Overview

Constructed in 2015, the 600 East Neighborhood Byway, extending from South Temple to 2700 South, was the first bicycle and pedestrian facility of its kind in Utah. Treatments include curb extensions, bicycle “shared lane” symbols, bicycle and pedestrian signalized crossings at 900 S, 1300 S, and 2100 S, and reduced speed limits.

What is a Neighborhood Byway?

A neighborhood byway is a low-speed, low-volume, “quiet” street that has been optimized for comfortable and convenient bicycle and pedestrian travel, primarily by improving the crossings of major cross-streets. In other cities, neighborhood byways may be called bicycle boulevards, greenways, quite streets, or bicycle-friendly streets.

To prevent motorists from using the neighborhood byway as a “cut-through”, drivers may be restricted from using the crossings. For example, on 600 East, several crossings will require motorists to turn right onto the major cross street, instead of going through on the neighborhood byway.

Family-friendly Low Stress Bicycling

Neighborhood byways are deemed low-stress bikeways and are considered to be suitable to most people on bikes. The perceived sense of safety and comfort afforded by low-stress bikeways is appealing to many people and may help to attract new riders, especially those who may not be comfortable riding in traffic or on regular painted bike lanes.

600 East Destinations & Connectivity

The 600 East Neighborhood Byway provides direct access to destinations including Liberty Park and Trolley Square and provides connectivity between the Liberty Wells and Central City neighborhoods. The boulevard conveniently connects to TRAX and the Sugar House Streetcar, broadening mobility and helping to support alternative modes of transportation.

Equally important, the 600 East Neighborhood Byway connects the Sugar House Greenway to the City’s downtown bikeways on 300 South and 200 West. The 600 East Neighborhood Byway is an integral part of the city’s bikeway network, allowing more bicyclists to travel comfortably to all parts of the city.

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