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900 West Crash Analysis (North Temple to 1700 South)

Since the completion of the 900 West project in November 2017, the city has been monitoring crashes within the project area between North Temple St and 1700 South. Monitoring crashes can help provide insights into how the city can further improve safety and livability within a corridor. Due to elevated community interest regarding crashes occurring in this corridor after project implementation, the city is providing a simple before and after comparison of crashes that have occurred during the first six months of each year, 2015-2018. The city will continue to add additional crash data to this page every six months.

Please note that it often takes time for the traveling public to fully adjust to a new roadway configuration. Crash data collected immediately after project implementation may not provide a reliable assessment of safety countermeasures. Time is needed (about 2-3 years) before enough data is collected to be representative of new roadway safety conditions. With this project, the roadway configuration between 200 South and 800 South was changed from 4 lanes to 3 and we are hopeful to see a 19 to 29 percent reduction in crashes within that area. This type of roadway reconfiguration is considered a proven safety countermeasure by the Federal Highway Administration and has often resulted in overall crash reductions of 19 to 47 percent.