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Westminster to Sunnyside Park (Formerly Sugar House to the U)

Westminster to Sunnyside Park

Neighborhood Byway

Project update (April 2023)The project team is finalizing reports on the existing conditions and community feedback collected during the initial pre-design phase of the project. When available, that information will be posted here, and project designs will be made available for public review and comment. As you may have noticed, we listened to the community’s feedback and will be changing the name of this Neighborhood Byway from Sugar House to the U to Westminster to Sunnyside Park. Sign up for our email newsletter or check back for future project updates.

What is the Westminster to Sunnyside Park Neighborhood Byway?

Salt Lake City is making it better for people of all ages and abilities to walk, bicycle, and roll along neighborhood streets by adding Neighborhood Byways.

Neighborhood Byways create pleasant and convenient routes for people using active modes of transportation by encouraging safe travel speeds, discouraging cut-through vehicle traffic, providing safe crossings of busy streets, and connecting people to destinations. Salt Lake City is developing many of these routes, which can be viewed on the Neighborhood Byways page.

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Project Timeline

Phase 1 – Conceptual Design and Environmental Study
Summer 2022Project Kickoff
Summer to Winter 2022Gather initial pre-design feedback and study the byway
Fall 2022 to Summer 2023Develop preliminary designs and gather public feedback
Summer 2023Announce preliminary designs
Phase 2 – Design and Construction
Pending Funding

Full Salt Lake City Neighborhood Byways Map

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