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Sidewalk Maintenance & Repair

Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance

Sidewalk Maintenance & Repair

Sidewalk Maintenance & Repair

Sidewalks provide a safe and level walkway and provide separation between motor vehicles and pedestrians. They also provide a safer place, as opposed to the street, for children to walk and play. Sidewalk maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner, occupant, lessor or agent. For more information about City programs and services related to sidewalk maintenance and repairs, visit the MyStreet page.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Section 14.20.070 of the Salt Lake City Code requires that hail, snow or sleet on the sidewalk abutting your property be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after such hail, snow or sleet has ceased falling. For enforcement information contact Civil Enforcement at 801.535.7225.

Landscape Encroachments

Section 14.20.010 of the Salt Lake City Code prohibits residents from allowing sidewalks adjacent to their premises to be obstructed. This includes allowing landscaping to grow into the sidewalk area such that it inhibits free passage of pedestrians. For enforcement information contact the Engineering Division at 801.535.7961 or Civil Enforcement at 801.535.7225.