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Equal Pay Terms & Conditions

Date: November 2023


  1. Must be a single dwelling and in the name of the current owner of record and have been a Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities (SLCPDU) customer with at least twelve (12) continuous months of usage at the same address for which the Equal Pay plan is being requested. Residential semiannual and lawn meters are excluded from equal pay.
  2. The utility account must be current, i.e., no outstanding balance due, to be eligible for or to auto-renew Equal Pay.
  3. The open enrollment period is every November and will begin the following January.
  4. Equal pay will auto-renew every year.

Program Terms

  1. The Equal Pay amount will be the average of the last twelve (12) months of usage applying current rates.
    a. All credit balances up to $500.00 at the time of calculating the Equal Pay amount, unless otherwise requested for refund, will be applied to offset the Equal Pay amount.
  2. In December the account will be reconciled to reflect the balance of usage and charges.
    a. If a customer overpays for their account during the reconciliation month, the credit balance less than $500.00 will be applied to the Equal Pay amount as described above.
  3. If there are significant increases or decreases in overall usage patterns or rates, then the Equal Pay amount will be adjusted to avoid large debit or credit balances.
    a. Monthly billings will show the Equal Pay amount and will also list the actual current monthly charges for each service. It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor consumption for unusual patterns (such as a leak) and resolve the problem. Equal pay is based on combined utility charges alone and is intended to level monthly billings.
  4. Refunds for excess balances will only be given at the request of the customer or when the account is closed or as described in 2a.
  5. A customer may cancel their Equal Pay at any time and the following bill will take into account all usage, charges, and payments up to that point.
  6. Any account that is not paid in full and on time will be removed from Equal Pay and will not be eligible for renewal until the open enrollment period in November.
  7. All other regulatory and policy conditions apply.

Equal Pay customers are highly encouraged to combine the Equal Pay plan with preauthorized payment options (ACH/Credit Card).

For equal pay enrollment and pre-authorized payment options visit or
contact Customer Service at 801-483-6900