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Wastewater treatment for Salt Lake City

Built in 1965 and upgraded several times since, Public Utilities’ Water Reclamation Facility is Salt Lake City’s only wastewater treatment plant. We manage and monitor the sewage treatment process for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Other responsibilities include technical analysis, capital improvement planning, project design, mapping and pretreatment.

The Wastewater Collections System Maintenance Group operates, maintains, and repairs the City’s wastewater collections system, providing safe and efficient sewer collections. Major components of this system include more than 650 miles of collection pipe 13,000 manholes and 49,600 service connections.

Located in the Rose Park neighborhood, the facility is poised to undergo full replacement by 2024. The new plant will be built to meet more stringent federal environmental regulations. The current facility will operate fully until the new one comes on board. Public Utilities is excited for this challenge and will be reaching out to area residents, schools, community councils, and businesses as the design and construction phases move forward. Salt Lake City is making a major investment in this facility – focusing on water quality, meeting upcoming treatment regulations and environmental sustainability.

Wastewater Treatment Plant