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Automated Court Payments-Surcharge Fees


The Court offers Automatic Payments to all who desire this service.  This service requires a one-time setup of payment information, including credit or debit card information.  Automatic payments will then occur on the same day of each month until paid in full.  If the date lands on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, the payment will occur on the next business day.


The Accounting staff will send participants in Auto Pay, with an email address, a courtesy emailing informing them of the payment status of your case.  For example, if the payment was declined due to Invalid Credit/Debit Card Number, Invalid Expiration Date, Lost/Stolen Card, Do Not Honor (usually insufficient funds) or Pickup.  This will enable you to contact the court and update your information and/or make a payment to keep you in compliance with your agreement with the court.


To update Auto Pay information, please call the Court at 801-535-6300 or the Cashiers at 801-535-6365 directly.

Surcharge Fee

Salt Lake City imposes a credit card surcharge of 2.47%, which is our cost of acceptance.

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