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Due to the COVID19 we are working off-site. Please contact our staff by email landlord/ or call at (801) 535-7980 and someone will get back with you.

CLICK HERE if you would like to renew an existing business license.

What is the Landlord/Tenant Program?

The Landlord/Tenant Initiative is sometimes referred to as the Good Landlord Program. The goal of the program is to address aspects of property management that help eliminate code violations and public nuisances while controlling and preventing illegal activity on rental properties that impact the quality of life within our neighborhoods.

Under this program, all residential rental properties, including single and double family homes, boarding houses and fraternities/sororities, require a business license. However, with participation in the Landlord/Tenant program, per unit licensing fees can be discounted by up to 95%.

Click here for a copy of the complete ordinance.

Training options for Landlord/Tenant Program

Utah Apartment Association:

(801) 487-5619

The Good Landlord:

(801) 554-0475


(801) 355-9594

Advantage Residential Management:

(801) 244-5255