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Parking in Salt Lake City

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Get the ParkSLC app to find parking locations and pay right from your phone.

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Salt Lake City’s Compliance Division manages parking enforcement, crossing guards, and on-street paid metered parking. Contact the Compliance Division at 801-535-6628 or for more information.

Pay or Contest a Parking Ticket

Parking citations must be contested within 20 calendar days from the date the ticket is issued. Appeals are not allowed after 20 calendar days. Visit the Hearings and Collections page for more information regarding contesting parking tickets.

Residential Parking Permits

Residential Parking Permits are issued at 349 South 200 East, Suite 150, Salt Lake City, UT. 84111. Please call 801-535-6630 or visit the Residential Permit Parking Program website for additional information. Permits require the following criteria:

  • A current and valid driver’s license

  • Current registration

  • Proof of residency

Any vehicle that is parked in a Residential Parking Permitted area that does not have a current permit, visitors pass (valid for up to 30 days) or guest pass (valid for up to two days) displayed properly is in violation of city ordinance (12.56.300).

Pay Stations

To quickly and conveniently pay for a pay station downtown, use the ParkSLC phone app. For payment assistance or to report an issue with a pay station, please call 801-535-PARK.

Download the Park SLC app on the Apple App Store.
Download the Park SLC app on the Google Play Store.

Payment for parking downtown at pay stations is at the rate of $2.25/hour for a maximum of 2 hours. Parking payment hours at the pay stations are 8 AM to 8 PM (Monday – Friday). There is free parking for 2 hours on Saturdays, and parking is free all day on Sundays. You can also pre-pay for parking 1 hour prior at 7 AM. Please wait for your receipt and take it with you; there is no need to display the receipt in your vehicle.

All pay stations and meters are enforced Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM except on legal, City observed holidays. Also, as a reminder, per City ordinance you cannot park more than 2 hours in any pay station parking space or 2 hour time zone.

Impounded Vehicles

“Impoundment” means the immobilization of a vehicle by use of an immobilization device or the towing of a vehicle to a place of storage. (Salt Lake City Ordinance 12.96.010)

If you have questions regarding an impounded vehicle, please contact the impound lot at 801-974-2430 or When inquiring about an impounded vehicle, please have your vehicle license plate number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ready.

To reduce the possibility of your vehicle being towed, read street signage carefully and follow City parking ordinances 12.56.520 and 12.56.525 regarding using streets for storage.

Salt Lake City’s Compliance Division no longer hosts vehicle auctions or manages the impound lot.

Public Off-Street Parking

Visit the Parking in Downtown Salt Lake City website for more information about parking lots located off-street.

Free Metered Parking

Parking for People with Disabilities

All vehicles displaying a disability license plate or disability placard, and transporting a person with a disability, may be parked at any city parking meter without charge for up to two hours. The plate and placard are available from the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles. Vehicles may not be parked in areas where official signs or traffic markings prohibit stopping, standing or parking, including areas reserved for emergency use and bus stops.

Green Vehicles

Visit the Green Vehicle Parking Permits page for information on obtaining a 2-hour parking permit for your SmartWay Elite vehicle.


Motorcycles can park in the following identified motorcycle parking spaces for free for up to two hours.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Level 2 Charging Stations

As of February 6, 2018, there are no fees to utilize the Level 2 stations. Use the ChargePoint app to access and view station availability in real-time.

Please be courteous to other EV drivers and do not exceed posted parking time limits, or you may be ticketed.

Posted parking time limits will be enforced at these stations and are subject to a $75 overstay fee per City ordinance 12.56.205F.

Vehicle charging usage may be monitored via the ChargePoint cloud system to determine if a vehicle has overstayed the posted parking time limit.

The public may also report potential EV stall overstays to the Compliance main line at 801-535-6628.


55 East 300 South | One Station, Two ports | Two hour limit

159 South Main Street | One Station, Two ports | Two hour limit

Day-Riverside Library – 1575 West 1000 North | Two Stations, Four Ports | Four hour limit

Fairmont Aquatic Center – 1044 East Sugarmont Drive | One Station, Two ports | Four hour limit

Forest Dale Golf Course – 2375 South 900 East | One Station, Two ports | Four hour limit

International Peace Gardens – 1060 South 900 West | One Station, Two ports | Four hour limit

Liberty Park (western loop) – 600 East 900 South | Two Stations, Four ports | Four hour limit

Library Square Garage (P1) – 210 East 400 South | Two Stations, Four ports | Four hour limit

Library Square Garage (P2) – 210 East 400 South | One Station, Two ports | Four hour limit

Mountain Dell Golf Course – Uinta-Wasatch-Cache Forest | One Station, Two ports | Four hour limit

On-Street Parking, South of The Leonardo – 255 East 500 South | Four Stations, Eight ports | Two hour limit

Pioneer Park* – 349 West 300 South | One Station, Two ports | Two hour limit

Regional Athletic Complex** – 2350 Rose Park Lane | Two Stations, Four ports | Three hour limit

Riverside Park – 1476 West 600 North | One station, Two ports | Four hour limit

Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center – 855 W California Ave | One Station, Two ports | Four hour limit

Sugar House – 1170 Wilmington Ave | One Station, Two ports | Two hour limit

Sunnyside near Hogle Zoo – 2600 Sunnyside Ave | One Station, Two ports | Four hour limit

Salt Lake City International Airport | Level 2 Charging Stations

Salt Lake City International Airport has installed Level 2 EV charging ports for public and employee use. View a map of locations and learn more about airport ChargePoint stations.

* The Pioneer Park station is not available on Saturdays during the Downtown Farmers Market (runs from June – October annually). Station may also be closed during other special events.

** Regional Athletic Complex (RAC) parking lot has limited hours and seasonal availability for use of the EV station: April – October (Lot Open 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.); November – March (Lot Closed).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Compliance do?

What does Compliance do?


There are many areas in Salt Lake City that have posted, or signed, parking restrictions. Before parking and leaving your car, take a moment to read and obey any posted parking signs.

Two hour time restrictions apply according to times posted on each sign.

2 Hour Parking sign

A valid disabled designated vehicle plate or placard is required. Normally time restrictions are for two hours. Placards are to be properly displayed and visible at all times on the front rear view mirror or dash board.

2 hour handicap parking sign

Posted throughout the city in designated areas. Driver must remain in vehicle.

3 minute parking passenger loading  sign

45 degree angle parking

45 degree parking sign

Posted throughout the city in designated areas and require back-in parking only.

back in only angle parking sign

No parking in either direction at anytime.

no parking sign

No parking” restrictions apply.

no parking bus stop sign

“No parking” restrictions apply. This sign is visible throughout the city medians and center parking zones.

no parking on walkway sign

Parallel Parking

Time restrictions are limited to 30 minutes. Requires a current Salt Lake City Freight License that is issued to vehicles that require delivery, or loading/unloading. Designated hours of operation are posted on each sign.

30 minute freight parking sign

Requires a current Residential Parking Permit on driver’s side of front window.

residential parking area sign

How long can vehicles be parked on public streets?

No person shall park a vehicle, boat, trailer, or other item upon any street for a period of time longer than 48 hours. See City ordinance 12.56.520 and City ordinance 12.56.525.

How close can vehicles be parked to a fire hydrant?

Vehicles may not be parked within 5 feet of a fire hydrant. The distance is measured from the center of the fire hydrant and measured for 5 feet in both directions on the curb. There does not need to be a sign or red curb for a vehicle to be in violation. If a vehicle is parked within 5 feet it is in violation of City ordinance 12.56.440-5.

What are the State of Utah Vehicle Registration and display of license plate laws?

Be registered in the name of the owner in accordance with the laws of Utah, unless such vehicle is not required by Utah law to be registered in Utah.

Display in the proper position on the outside of the vehicle two valid, unexpired registration plates, one on the front and one on the rear.

When required, current validation or indicia of registration must be attached to the rear plate in a manner complying with the laws of the state of Utah, and be free from defacement, mutilation, grease, and other obscuring materials, so as to be plainly visible and legible at all times.

Vehicles with expired registrations the day after the expired registration are in violation of city ordinance and are subject to citation under city and state code. Vehicles with registrations that have been expired more than 3 months are subject to impound (City ordinance 12.56.040).

What are the standards for posted Freight Zones?

Numerous Freight Zone areas are posted throughout the city. Freight Zone licenses are issued to vehicles that require delivery, or loading/unloading. Time restrictions are limited to 30 minutes. Only Salt Lake City issued freight licenses are valid. Temporary Freight Loading Zone permits for those without a Freight License are issued by the Transportation Division at 801-535-6630. If you are interested in registering a vehicle for an annual Freight License, please call Business Licensing at 801-535-7721.

What are rules for persons with disabilities?

Special parking for persons with disabilities is provided throughout the city and such persons also receive special considerations for posted and meter parking.

Parking for persons with disabilities is available on both public and private property. Parking spaces reserved for persons with disabilities are posted with the international disabled designation and have a two hour time limit. These spaces are in effect during “ALL HOURS” and only vehicles bearing an authorized state disabled registration license plate or temporary placard are allowed to park in these designated spaces. Out of state disabled license plates and placards are also honored. Citizens with disabled designated vehicles may park at any metered space or time restricted zone for up to two hours. Disabled designated vehicles MAY NOT park in any safety or restricted parking areas. It is a violation of city ordinance to park in a zone reserved for persons with disabilities without the proper disabled designation. (City ordinance 12.56.120 and City ordinance 12.56.130)

What are rules for motorcycle parking?

Motorcycles or scooters (e.g. Vespa) have to follow the same parking rules 4-wheeled drivers follow. Meaning, they still have to pay for meters and observe timed zones. The only exception is the existence of some motorcycle-only parking spaces across the city.

Also similar to cars, motorcycles cannot park on sidewalks or park strips.

What are meters that are 'Red Bagged'?

A Red Bagged meter is a reserved meter that can be purchased by individuals, construction organizations, and/or special events sponsors for a specified amount of time through the Transportation Office.

Red Bagged meters signify “No Parking” to the public. There are no exceptions. If a citizen is parked at a Red Bagged meter, the vehicle is subject to impound and is in violation of City ordinance 12.56.210.

How do I contact Parking Enforcement with a parking complaint?

Citizens may contact the Parking Enforcement Office via email at, or by calling the Parking Enforcement Office at 801-535-6628.

We can better serve you if you provide the following information: parking complainant’s address; license plate number; the make, model, and color of the vehicle; and, finally, an explanation of the nature of the problem. If you are reporting an abandoned vehicle, please include how long the vehicle has been parked in that location.

Other Salt Lake City parking ordinances

Parking Near Crosswalks

City Ordinance 12.56.440-7 requires vehicles to park at least 20 feet from crosswalks at an intersection. Vehicles also cannot park on crosswalks. Any vehicle parked on a crosswalk, or within 20 feet of a crosswalk, is in violation of city code.

Parking Near Stop Signs

Vehicles are required to park more than 30 feet away upon the approach of flashing beacons or traffic controls on the side of the road. This includes stop signs, bus signs, no parking signs, and other signs controlling traffic. Vehicles parked within 30 feet will be found in violation of ordinance 12.56.440-8.

Parking Near Driveways

Salt Lake City ordinance requires vehicles to park at least five feet from a driveway. If a mailbox is located within five feet of the driveway, vehicles are required to park at least 10 feet from the driveway. When parking near fire stations, vehicles must park at least 20 feet from the driveway entrance. Vehicles also cannot park across the street from a fire station’s entrance when the area is signposted.

Parking too close to a driveway is a safety concern that we address and enforce all hours of operation, every day of the week (City Ordinance 12.56.440-3/11).

Parking Near Waste & Recycling Bins

When parking, please be courteous and do not block homeowner or business waste and recycling bins. By blocking a waste or recycling bin, your vehicle may be parked more than 12 inches from the curb and in violation of ordinance 12.56.100.