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Salt Lake City’s Homelessness Efforts

If you or someone you know is experiencing or is at risk of experiencing homelessness, call: 801-990-9999.

Salt Lake City is working harder and doing more than ever to help our homeless neighbors.

From supporting homeless services by annually allocating over $15 million to keeping public spaces clean and safe for everyone who uses them, and funding hundreds of units of permanent supportive housing in 2023 alone, every day the City and its Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART) is pushing forward using a variety of tools to meet this critical issue head on.

However, while a majority of people who become homeless are able to resolve out of it quickly by entering a homeless resource center and working with a case worker, there are many who cannot due to a variety of factors including mental health issues and substance abuse.

This is why it has been vital to cultivate strong, productive partnerships with local, county, and state partners. Forging these partnerships has created collaboration around broadening resources across the homeless services spectrum which will make a collective, long-awaited impact in this space.

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