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2022 Special Election Information

Eligible voters may vote at any Salt Lake County voting location. Salt Lake County provides options for accessible voting. For more information or to register to vote visit, call 385-468-7400 or email

Los votantes elegibles pueden votar en cualquier lugar de votación del condado de Salt Lake. Para obtener una lista completa de ubicaciones, visite Centro de Votacion del dia de Elecciones o llame al 385-468-7400

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Maintaining accurate voter registration information is critical to fair and accurate elections. Voters with inaccurate addresses may not receive their mail-in ballot, Voter Information Card, or other important election information. If you are registered to vote in Salt Lake County and move your residence, you may update your address, click here.

Parks, Trails and Open Space General Obligation Bond

Parks, Trails and Open Space General Obligation Bond

The Salt Lake City Council recently approved a ballot proposition concerning the issuance of a General Obligation (GO) bond to fund parks, trails, and open space. For more information on the Parks, Trails and Open Space General Obligation Bond, go to

To view the resolution, click here.


Shall Salt Lake City, Utah, be authorized to issue General Obligation Bonds in a principal amount not to exceed $85,000,000 and to mature in no more than 21 years from the date or dates of issuance, such bonds will be issued in accordance with Utah law solely to pay all or a portion of the costs to acquire, improve, renovate and upgrade various parks, trails, open space and related facilities and recreational amenities?If voters approve the Parks, Trails and Open Space bonds, the bonds could be issued at a value up to $85 million with an associated property tax levied over up to 21 years from when the bonds are issued and would be used to buy, improve, renovate or upgrade parks, trails and open space in Salt Lake City. The City currently anticipates issuing the bonds in multiple smaller series adding up to $85 million and the property tax may be levied for up to 21 years after the last series is issued.
If the bonds are issued as planned, without regard to the taxes currently levied to pay outstanding bonds that will decrease over time, an annual property tax to pay debt service on the proposed bonds will be required over a period of 20 years in the estimated amount of $53.80 per year on a primary residence with the Salt Lake City average value of $576,000 and in the estimated amount of $97.83 per year on a business or secondary residence having the same value.If the bonds are approved by voters and are all issued at the same time, and not taking into account existing bonds that will be paid off over time, the estimated property taxes to pay the bonds would be approximately $53.80 per year, or less than $5 per month, on an average primary residence valued at $576,000, and $97.83 per year for a business or secondary residence of the same value.
The City currently levies property taxes to pay debt service on other outstanding general obligation bonds that have been issued to finance voter-approved projects. The incremental property taxes would decrease upon the repayment of the currently outstanding bonds, but the decrease will not occur if the proposed bonds are issued. Taking into account the repayment of the outstanding bonds, the City expects that the issuance of the proposed bonds, in the manner currently expected, will result in no net increase to current annual property tax levels for the repayment of bonds.If the bonds are approved by voters and are issued in two or more installments, again depending on market conditions, it is possible that the cost of the bonds would not increase the existing property tax burden. If the bonds are not approved by voters, the property tax burden would decrease as a result of other general obligation bonds being paid off.
The foregoing information is only an estimate and not a limit on the amount of taxes that the City may be required to levy to pay debt service on the bonds. The City is obligated to levy taxes to the extent provided by law in order to pay the bonds. The amounts are based on various assumptions and estimates, including debt service on the bonds and taxable values of property in the City.The property tax information is only an estimate and doesn’t limit the amount of taxes the City may have to levy to pay the bonds. The law requires the City to levy property taxes in an amount sufficient to pay the bonds. The property tax amounts are based on assumptions and estimates, including the amount of the bond payments and the values of property in the city only.

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This ballot proposition will be included with the November 8, 2022 ballot for voters to consider.

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