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Election Canvass*

*Certified election results by the Salt Lake City Board of Canvassers
Ranked Choice Voting Information

The City Recorder’s office is currently open to the public from 8:30 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Please visit the online scheduling system ( or reach out to Recorder staff via email or by phone 801-535-7671..

Municipal Elections are held on odd numbered years. All seats are a four year term.

2023 – Open Seats are for Mayor, Council Districts Two, Four, & Six.

2025 – Open Seats are for Council Districts One, Three, Five & Seven

View current Council Members and District Boundaries here.

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If you have questions please contact the Recorder’s Office, our contact information is below.

Ranked Choice Voting

Learn more about Ranked Choice Voting here. In the 2021 Municipal Election, Salt Lake City participated in the Pilot Project.

Campaign Finance

Learn more about campaign finance and contribution limits here.

Candidacy Requirements

Learn more about candidacy requirements here.

City and State Election Laws

Learn more about City and State Election Laws here. It is recommended that a candidate become familiar with these laws.

Election Results

To view election results and historical election results please visit this link.

Midterm Vacancy Process

Learn more about the midterm vacancy process here.

Political Committees

Learn more about Political Committees here.

Vote By Mail

To learn more about the vote by mail process visit this link.

Voter Registration

Interested in registering to vote? You can register to vote online -with a Utah Driver’s License or ID – here.

If you do not have the above mentioned ID, you will want to review the guidelines here.

Inscripción Postal De Elector

To check your registration status, register to vote, or update your address within the county, click here to be redirected to the Salt Lake County Clerk website.

Have more election and voter registration questions? Visit the State Elections website.

Election Forms

These forms are for the 2021 Election Cycle only, if you have questions or need new/updated copies of any of these forms please reach out to our office by calling 801-535-6221 or by emailing

Election Forms
2021 Declaration of Candidacy
Nomination Petition & Info Sheet
Public Record Disclaimer
City Council Signature Packet for Filing Fee Waiver
Affidavit of Withdrawal
Paper Campaign Finance Form
Personal Campaign Committee

The Personal Campaign Committee File includes the following:

Registration of Personal Campaign Committee
Candidate Information Page
Declaration to Limit Campaign Contributions & Expenditures
Statement Declining to Make a Declaration to Limit Campaign Contributions & Expenditures
Signature Authorization for Electronic Financial Disclosure

Post-Election Forms
Existing Personal Campaign Committee
Statement Declining to Limit Campaign Contributions
Statement Limiting Campaign Contributions

Maps and Other Materials for Candidates


To learn more about initiatives and currently submitted initiatives please visit this link.

Contact Information for Salt Lake City Elections

Phone: 801-535-6221