Salt Lake City


SLC.GOV: An Accessible Website

Salt Lake City Corporation strives to ensure that all forms of communications are accessible to all people. We are committed to compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), not only because it is the law but also because it is the right and proper approach to providing access to information.

We are subject to Title II of the ADA and must provide effective communications to individuals with disabilities. Salt Lake Corporation uses the Internet to provide information regarding programs and services and intends to offer communications about those programs and services through accessible means.

Our policy is to provide website information in text format that is accessible to screen reading devices that are used by people with visual impairments, and offer alternative accessible formats that are identified in a screen-readable format on our website. We will maintain a means of providing easy access to directions, guidance and information regarding the accessibility of the website.

Click here for more information about Salt Lake City’s ADA and accessibility policies.