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SLC 911 website will encourage public to track improvements in public safety response

Today, April 22, 2016, Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced the launch of, a new website devoted to clear communication with the public on needed improvements among Salt Lake City 911 Dispatch, Salt Lake City Police Department, and Salt Lake City Fire Department.

The site is the delivery of a promise Mayor Biskupski made in her January 26 State of the City Address to bring the three departments together to increase service, efficiency, and to end mandatory overtime for overworked 911 dispatchers. She ensured city residents that 911 Dispatch Director Scott Freitag, Police Chief Mike Brown, and Fire Chief Brian Dale would tackle the issue immediately.

“In Salt Lake City, public safety is job number one,” Mayor Biskupski said. “Our leaders have responded to my call and are collaborating closely to step up service while recognizing the need to treat their employees with respect. This is an ongoing project that will be fully transparent to the public.”

The website provides links to each department’s plans—including meeting agendas, accomplishments since late January, and long-term goals to quickly and efficiently respond to emergencies in Salt Lake City.

Since the beginning of the year, for example, 911 Dispatch has moved eight people out of training and currently has seven in training. SLCPD and 911 Dispatch are collaborating on a pilot platform to cut time spent relaying call information so officers can respond more rapidly on scene. And this week, SLCFD implemented a “first come, first serve” radio feature that ensures multiple users do not crowd a channel simultaneously and garble emergency communication.

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