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Salt Lake City makes major commitment to solar power

Mayor Jackie Biskupski will be joined by Rocky Mountain Power CEO Cindy Crane to announce a new initiative to increase Salt Lake City’s use of clean solar power.

Salt Lake City’s commitment to the new initiative, Subscriber Solar, will nearly double the amount of sustainable energy powering government operations by the end of 2016. Mayor Biskupski has set a 2020 goal to have 50% of municipal operations powered by renewable energy, and 100% by 2032.

“We are thrilled to be a major participant in Subscriber Solar and to support Rocky Mountain Power’s efforts to encourage businesses in the city to invest in clean, carbon-free energy,” said Mayor Biskupski. “This commitment is just one of many major steps we will make towards a more sustainable future during my time as Mayor.”

Mayor Jackie Biskupski
Cindy Crane, CEO Rocky Mountain Power
Vicki Bennett, Director of Sustainability SLC

Roof of Public Safety Building

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
12:15pm (12:05pm set-up)

Due to the location of the press conference, media must be in the lobby of PSB at 12:05pm to be escorted to the roof.

Please RSVP to Holly Mullen at

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