Salt Lake City

Choose a Salt Lake City park and celebrate National Kids to Parks Day on Saturday

Today Mayor Jackie Biskupski signed a proclamation in recognition of National Kids to Parks Day, on Saturday, May 21. The day is an annual effort to build stewardship for all parks and open spaces in the United States, especially among young people.

“As a mom, I want my son Archie to have access to all of our parks and natural resources now and in the future. Especially here in Utah, these spaces are unique and worthy of protection,” Mayor Biskupski said. “The best way to appreciate and increase our access to these spaces is to get out and enjoy them with our families.”

The proclamation encourages adults to take the children in their lives to one of Utah’s many parks: Five national parks; seven national monuments; and 45 state parks. On a more local level, Salt Lake City is home to 126 public parks and 58 municipal playgrounds. That’s 925 total acres of space just waiting for children to come and play.

The health and fitness benefits of outdoor play for children are well-documented. According to the website, the average American child spends seven hours a day sitting in front of screens – computers, phones, televisions – and only minutes a day in unstructured, outside play. Other benefits for kids of getting outside include the encouragement of creativity, curiosity, and imagination, building of self-confidence and problem-solving skills, and more connectedness to the outdoor environment.

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