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Salt Lake City leaders announce timeline for final stage of site selection of new homeless resource centers

Today, the Salt Lake City Council and Mayor Jackie Biskupski released the timeline for the final stage of site selection on four new homeless resource centers in Salt Lake City.

The timeline calls for the full City Council and Mayor Biskupski to select the four locations after reviewing recommendations from the Homeless Services Site Evaluation Commission, composed of community and business leaders, as well as service providers. The City Council and Mayor Biskupski will evaluate sites based on zoning, federal guidelines, and criteria prioritized by the public earlier this year. The City will announce the sites to the public on November 21st.

“City residents should be assured that with every elected official in City government involved in the site-selection process, their concerns regarding location of the new facilities will be carefully considered before any decision is made,” said Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “The final timeline represents the needs of the city by building upon the public engagement done earlier this year, as well as meeting the expectations of our partners in the legislature and the County.”

“We recognize how significant these decisions will be. Our priority is to provide and protect the health, safety, and quality of life for ALL of the City’s residents. That includes people experiencing homelessness, as much as it does for our neighborhoods and residents in areas where a resource center may be located,” said James Rogers, Council Chair. “We are hopeful that affordable housing efforts will work in tandem with the resource centers to eventually help provide a full spectrum of temporary and permanent housing for all those who need it.”

Following the announcement, the City will host a series of public engagement workshops the week of November 28th to gather public feedback on the design of the resource centers, potential community impacts of the centers, and suggestions for mitigating those impacts. This feedback will be critical to the design and architecture process.

The Homeless Services Site Evaluation Commission will discuss the final stage of site selection at an open meeting on Wednesday, October 26th at the Public Safety Building from 2:00 – 4:00PM in Conference Room A

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