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Mayor Biskupski to honor longtime restaurateur, business leader, and philanthropist Tom Guinney with the Key to the City

Today, January 13th, Mayor Jackie Biskupski will present Gastronomy Inc. owner and chief of operations Tom Guinney with the Key to the City.

Tom will be recognized for 36 years of leadership in Salt Lake City’s restaurant and hospitality industry, contributions to the local economy and cultural scene, and for his support of numerous philanthropies and historic preservation work.

This is only the second time the Mayor has awarded the Key to the City. The honor is reserved for citizens with a substantial record of building the community through combined business, volunteer, political, educational, and cultural efforts.

Tom has spent his entire life in the hospitality industry. He moved to Salt Lake City in 1980 from Orange County, California – having already established a track record as an executive chef and manager of fine dining establishments. He joined in a business partnership with Tom Seig and John Williams, who opened downtown’s iconic New Yorker in 1978.


Forming Gastronomy Inc., the three men went on to open Market Street Grill, Oyster Bar, Market Street Broiler and other restaurants in Salt Lake City. In 2000 and 2007 Gastronomy opened a Market Street Grill, Oyster Bar, and Fresh Fish Market in Cottonwood Heights and West Jordan, respectively.

“It’s been my pleasure to know Tom Guinney professionally and personally for years, and I’m thrilled to recognize him for his many contributions to our city,” Mayor Biskupski said. “Thousands of people have built memories of fine meals and great times at Gastronomy restaurants. Tom has also mentored and led others to move ahead in the restaurant business, and has given back through charities and community service.”

With the deaths of Tom Seig and John Williams, Tom Guinney continues to provide an excellent dining and entertainment experience, as well as working to keep Salt Lake City beautiful and vibrant. Commercial real estate and historic preservation are also key interests of Mr. Guinney. Salt Lake City’s Market Street Grill and Oyster Bar, as well as the New Yorker, are each housed in historic buildings. Gastronomy also acquired the historic Salt Lake Hardware building on South Temple and 400 West, renovating it as office and reception space.

“Receiving the Key to the City is a special honor for me personally and for Gastronomy and I am very grateful to the mayor for this recognition,” Tom said.

“I was literally born into the restaurant business and have worked in it all my life. The lessons about food and service were learned early, and continue to guide me and the company. I’m committed to the industry, to the people who work in it, to Salt Lake City and the State of Utah, and to the people who are our customers.”

The Key to the City honor for Tom Guinney will be held at the New Yorker restaurant, 60 West Market Street in Salt Lake City today beginning at 4 p.m.

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