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Salt Lake City to resume curbside compost collection the week of February 27th

Warmer temperatures mean Salt Lake City’s Waste & Recycling Division will resume curbside compost can collection the week of February 27th – two weeks ahead of schedule.

“We will continue to have some late-winter storms, but temperatures are on the rise and we know residents are eager to get outside and start working in their yards,” said Debbie Lyons, Sustainability Division Director.  “We appreciate residents’ cooperation during the winter suspension.”

Salt Lake City institutes a yard waste can suspension during the coldest and lowest-demand weeks of winter. The suspension saves money and cuts air pollution during the worst air quality days of the season.

The five-week suspension began on January 23rd. The City saved 2,726 gallons of fuel, 84,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 611 pounds of air pollutants, and $18,305 of fuel and maintenance costs. The savings will help maintain consistent monthly fees year-round.

Eligible material for the brown yard waste bin includes weeds, lawn clippings, leaves, tree branches, tea bags, coffee grounds, fruit & vegetables, and eggshells. The waste is processed at Salt Lake City’s compost facility and turned into wood chips, mulch, and compost, which is then available for purchase at the Salt Lake Valley Landfill, 6030 W. California Ave. (1300 South). Compost sells for $30 per scoop (approximately three yards per scoop).Compost and mulch are available for purchase year-round.

Items not accepted in the brown bin include biodegradable/compostable packaging (which cannot be processed at this time), paper plates, construction wood, sawdust, sod, dirt, rocks, concrete, animal waste, flower pots, plastic bags, meat/dairy, recyclables, paper, paper bags, napkins, or other material that should be recycled or landfilled.

For more information on what can be disposed in the compost can, please visit:

For more information on compost purchase from the landfill, a Salt Lake City-Salt Lake County venture, please visit:

Residents may also call (801) 535-6999 with questions.

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