Salt Lake City

Mayor Biskupski’s statement on President Trump’s budget proposal

Not quite two months into his term of office, President Trump is proposing a budget which will strip billions of dollars cities use to improve infrastructure and provide services to residents most in need.

This reduction in funding will severely affect the quality of life of many low-income residents, contribute to the deterioration of already struggling communities, imperil our local environment, and rob us of the arts and culture which make life beautiful.

In the last year alone, Salt Lake City utilized funds now under threat, to make sidewalk repairs, improve the Jordan River Parkway, provide home repair for seniors and those with disabilities, support computer literacy programs for youth, and for various homeless services.

As Mayor, I urge our Congressional delegation to consider the local-level consequences of these proposals, and to work with the Administration to ensure we truly are rebuilding and renewing cities and towns across the State of Utah.”


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