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Salt Lake City publishes plan to tackle climate change and carbon pollution

Climate Positive conveys a vision for how the City can achieve ambitious goals detailed in a Joint Resolution signed last year by Mayor Jackie Biskupski and City Council. The resolution stated community targets of 100 percent electricity from renewable energy sources by 2032 and an 80 percent reduction in energy and transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

The plan prioritizes regional collaboration, community participation and innovation to reduce pollution and enhance local resiliency to warming temperatures.

“Salt Lake City is committed to lead on climate change and act in ways that bolster the long-term vitality of our community and the health of our planet,” said Mayor Biskupski. “Investing in renewable energy, clean transportation systems, and sustainable food programs not only reduces carbon pollution, it also builds an identity for our City and hope for the future.”

Climate Positive 2040 summarizes the breadth of programs, projects and collaborations currently led by Salt Lake City to address climate change and build partnerships across the state. The overall vision is supported by a number of more detailed plans and programmatic initiatives which are referenced as hyperlinks in the online plan.

This includes the first “Clean Energy Implementation” plan produced by Salt Lake City and the utility Rocky Mountain Power detailing goals, timing and scope for the 100 percent vision.

A hard copy version of Climate Positive 2040 has been distributed to a number of local restaurants, coffee shops, retail outlets and other organizations. The plan is also viewable online through the City’s website.

For more information on Climate Positive, please visit: and #ClimatePositiveSLC

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