Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Council adopts a lean and practical City budget of $273 million

With relatively few adjustments, the Salt Lake City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved Mayor Jackie Biskupski’s recommended FY18 budget of $273 million.

The very lean budget reflects both executive and legislative emphasis on infrastructure — including much-needed road maintenance and construction of a new sewage treatment plant – as well as continued support for homeless services, affordable housing, and advancing clean energy goals.

“Building and adopting a City budget is a year-long process that requires thoughtful analysis and compromise from everyone involved. I’m pleased my Administration and the Council could work together on funding needs that support of quality of life, while still demonstrating fiscal responsibility for Salt Lake City residents,” Mayor Biskupski said.

The Mayor thanked the City’s Finance Department, led by Mary Beth Thompson, in crafting the document – a product of candid discussions and work that led to a policy-driven budget.

“Our Finance Department team is truly dedicated to funding City operations while always staying focused on sound financial practices. I’m proud of their work,” Mary Beth said.

To view the Mayor’s FY18 Recommended Budget, please visit:

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