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Update on status of investigations into July 26 police incident at University of Utah Medical Center

Today, Mayor Jackie Biskupski briefed reporters on the status of the Internal Affairs (IA) and Police Civilian Review Board (CRB) investigations regarding the actions of two Salt Lake City Police Department officers at the University of Utah Medical Center on July 26.  The IA investigation began July 27 and the CRB investigation began September 1.

Both investigations have resulted in sustained findings. The reports and findings of IA and the CRB will be sent to Chief Mike Brown. State law and the contract between the City and police union provide the officers with the opportunity to respond to the findings of the IA investigation. A period of up to 20 days is provided for response, after which, Chief Mike Brown will determine if any employment action should be taken. Action, up to and including dismissal from the SLCPD, is possible.

A redacted version of the CRB report has been made available, along with the findings of the IA investigation. Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, statements made by the officers during the IA interviews are not provided at this time. Release of those statements right now could compromise the District Attorney’s ability to prosecute any criminal charges, and out of respect for that process, the City is not releasing them at this time.

In reviewing the evidence, IA has sustained the findings and the following policy violations will be considered (further description provided below):

Department Policy II-150 (Conduct Unbecoming)

Department Policy II-170 (Courtesy in Public Contacts – Personal Contacts)

Department Policy III-030 (Arrests – Misdemeanor Citations:  Class B, C and Infractions)

Department Policy III-680.4 (Reports – Situations Requiring a Report)

The Department’s Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

City Policy 3.05.01 (Standards of Conduct)

The two investigations relied on interviews with the two officers directly involved, a third SLCPD officer present, Ms. Wubbels, police reports, and footage from three body cameras.

To view the full description of policy violations visit:

About the Police Civilian Review Board:

The CRB is an independent body comprised of 14 residents (2 from each City Council District) and led by a full time administrator-investigator employed by Salt Lake City Corporation. The CRB is completely independent of the police department.

The lead investigator for the CRB is Rick Rasmussen, a 22-year veteran of the FBI.

The Board’s process starts when the Investigator polls the Board, asking them whether they want the complaint investigated. If five Board members answer in the affirmative, the Investigator initiates an investigation. The Investigator usually conducts a side-by-side investigation with the Internal Affairs Unit of the Police Department. Once the Investigator finishes the investigation, it is presented to a panel comprised of five Board members. The panel deliberates and sends a recommendation to the Police Chief regarding whether or not the complaint should be sustained, along with any other recommendations the panel, at its discretion, decides to send.

For more information on the CRB visit:

For the full CRB Report visit:

About Internal Affairs

The mission of Internal Affairs is to reinforce high professional standards for the police department, provide accountability to the community, and ensure due process to the police employee who is protected by federal and state law.

Internal Affairs investigations can last up to 75 days.

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