Salt Lake City

Mayor Jackie Biskupski applauds the City Council’s historic passing of Salt Lake City’s first housing plan since 2000

Tonight, the Salt Lake City Council unanimously passed GrowingSLC: A Five-Year Housing Plan, the City’s first housing plan since 2000. GrowingSLC was first proposed by Mayor Jackie Biskupski’s Administration earlier this year and outlines a path to increase vibrancy in the housing market, provide security for vulnerable residents, and create equity in housing choice, citywide.

“The Council’s historic vote tonight represents the culmination of nearly two years of work my team has done to create a path forward to build a City where everyone can live, “said Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “We are incredibly anxious to begin getting to work on implementing the solutions found in the plan.”

“I’m thrilled to see the City Council adopt GrowingSLC”, said Melissa Jensen, Director of Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND). “I’m thankful for the hard work of my entire staff, as this plan offers real solutions to support a variety of housing types, make housing more affordable, and to address equability housing opportunities.”

Immediately following the City Council vote, Mayor Biskupski, representatives from HAND, and housing advocates participated in a press conference to outline how the Administration will begin to immediately implement the plan.

Mayor Biskupski signed the first in a series of executive memos, directing HAND and relevant departments to collaborate on implementing the housing plan. The directive would require departments to craft an ordinance for the Mayor’s review by January 31st, 2018, that would require affordable housing options on all property sold by the City Mayor Biskupski will sign additional executive directives implementing aspects of GrowingSLC in the coming months.

GrowingSLC lays out a number of policy solutions which the Administration will focus on, including: updates to zoning code, preservation of long-term affordable housing, establishment of a significant funding source, stabilizing low-income tenants, innovation in design, partnerships and collaboration in housing, and equitable and fair housing.

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