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Salt Lake City Launches OpenCounter, a New, User-Friendly Online Tool for Business Development

In a continuing effort to improve the customer experience for those starting a new business or construction project, Salt Lake City launched a new online tool making the zoning and permitting process easier and more efficient for our customers.

OpenCounter is a customized guide to help applicants achieve their project goals by clearly outlining the permit and zoning requirements for starting a business in Salt Lake City. In OpenCounter, customers can now easily learn where different use types are permitted, details on all city permits and their associated processes, and fees required.

In the two months that this service has been public, Salt Lake City has seen great returns on the implementation of OpenCounter. There have already been over 6,000 site visits, including over 900 building permit projects researched. While customers previously had to travel to the City & County Building to receive service for information on permits and zoning requests, the average time to scope a permit is now only 13 minutes. More than 470 zoning searches have also been conducted, with an average look-up time of just three minutes.

“Salt Lake City’s Open Counter makes it easier than ever for our businesses and entrepreneurs to receive the resources, support, and customer service they deserve” said Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “Ensuring City residents have the tools they need to thrive is fundamental in helping our City recruit and retain businesses, and improve the quality of life for all residents.”

Below are links to the OpenCounter website and demonstration videos:

Zoning Portal

Building Permits Portal

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